representing the
creative industries group.

our values.

Creative Industries Group has three separate brands associated with it, each distinct in its identity but linked by common themes and design ideas.

Knowing when to use each brand and how each should be presented is important in building and maintaining a strong and recognised presence in our industries.

This document outlines the unified vision for all brands under the creative industries group, alongside how we can make each brand distinctive. It provides guidance on typography, colours, and icon usage, as well as how we utilise the logos.

our goal.

The group believes that delivering the best can only be done through working together, and that a collective vision and team working enables us to be more than the sum of our parts.

Innovation through automation:
We believe that the little jobs are better done by systems that make all our lives easier. We strive to deliver new technologies that support this.
A driver of change:
We believe it’s important that in everything we do we create change that makes things better. We strive for new standards to make things fairer, better tools and systems to make things easier, and advice and guidance to make things better.
Quality of delivery:
We believe in finding ways to deliver quality for our clients, not once, not twice, but every time. We will deliver to the highest standards, whatever we do.
We take our role in building more sustainable industries very seriously, and embrace all of our different communities, celebrating the differences that make us stronger together.

speaking as the
creative industries group.

We are a group, a collective, and as such we have a collective identity. We are not a business as such, we are a group of people communicating an idea. Our tone of voice should reflect that, it should represent a conversation, it should be relaxed and informal. We should refer to ourselves as a we and avoid using the full business name in larger blocks of text.

Do not be afraid of putting a point of view into things, of interjecting like you would in conversation (or even adding after thoughts in brackets). We stand behind the power of our people, we believe in making the industry better, and in the process make things better things. We stand behind the quality we deliver and our values.

This is what makes us different, the collective, the power of the group. Don’t forget to include it.

branding the
creative industries group.

our logos.
We have three logos, the group logo and the two identity logos. Each logo consists of two main elements, the emblem and the brand name. 

Where possible the two elements should be kept together, however the emblem may be used on it’s own when it is felt it will still suitably represent the brand.

Where possible the logos should be presented in full colour, however if there are clashes with the background a white or black logo should be used.

our words.

Each brand should use the relevant colours for headings and body text. Each brand uses an ink colour which may only be used for body text. Different weights of fonts may be used as appropriate but main body text should appear in light or book. Italics should only be used for highlighting quotes or titles, and underlining should not be used.

When writing and creating text in titles, subtitles, and headings we punctuate each title and heading with either a full stop, or a question mark.


Creative Industries Group uses Montserrat as its identity font. Most headings and titles in the group should be lower case.


eStage uses Raleway as its identity font. Most headings and titles in eStage should use lowercase. eStage always has a lowercase e and capital S.


OKEDIA uses Poppins as its identity font. Titles in OKEDIA should be upper case and the word should be capitalised.

our colours.

Each brand should use the relevant colours for headings and body text. Each brand uses an ink colour which may only be used for body text. Colour is used to highlight headings and specific words, but also to give interest to punctuation.

In headings in particular there should be at least two contrasting colours.


creative industries group.

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See the Team on the eStage Website.


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